Eco Screen Home page

Step #1
Apply EcoWash™ #1 to both sides of screen to dissolve ink, agitating lightly for best results.
Rinse well with cold water.


Step #2

Apply EcoStrip™ #1 or #2, biodegradable emulsion remover to both sides of a wet screen.
Let the product work for 1 to 2 minutes or until emulsion starts breaking down (DO NOT LET PRODUCT DRY ON THE SCREEN).
Remove with a high pressure cold water system.


Step #3
- Haze Removal (For Light or Recent Stains)

Apply pre-mixed EcoWash™ and EcoHaze™ 50/50 or EcoHaze™ Fast to both sides of screen mesh using an EcoScreen™ soft bristle brush.


Depending on the stain, let the product work on the screen between 2-5 minutes.


We recommend that you always pre-rinse your screen before you pressure wash with cold water. This will eliminate product residue from splashing on the screen washer and also eliminate the risk of breathing any cleaners.


Pressure wash your screen with cold water.


Step #4 - Haze Removal (For Old and Heavy Stains)

Apply EcoHaze™ bio-degradable Haze Remover to both sides of the Screen. (Applying on a DRY screen if possible)


Let air dry 15 minutes (using a fan improves the results)


After 15 minutes apply the EcoWash™ #1 over the EcoHaze™ and let the products work for 5 minutes.


Pre-rinse with cold water.


Remove with a high-pressure water system.
Turn screen around and high pressure wash this side. This will remove 5 - 20 % more stains.


Step #5

Apply EcoDegrease™ or EcoWet™, biodegradable products to both sides of the screen


Lightly rinse product with a low pressure garden hose starting at the top and working your way to the bottom of the screen.