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EcoScreen™ was started in 2000 by Michael Brugger, a veteran of the screenprinting industry with 23 years experience in the business. Headquartered in Vars, Ontario, Canada, EcoScreen™ is the leading producer and supplier of ecologically safe solutions for your screenprinting needs.

We offer a full line of biodegradable screen reclaiming and cleaning products that are less hazardous than all others. Our products replace caustic pastes and solutions, and are very fast and easy to use, while being friendly to the environment, the user and the screen mesh. Our cleaners are highly effective-only one application is needed each time to keep the screen looking brand-new. Unlike some of our competitors' products, EcoScreen™ products save you time and money. For these reasons, our products are the cleaners of choice for many of the largest screenprinters in North America.

All EcoScreen™ products are proudly made in Canada.


EcoScreen's facility is located in Vars, Ontario, just east of Ottawa, Canada's capital. The facility serves not only as the company's headquarters, but also as the centre of its manufacturing and research and development activities. All of our operations are geared toward minimizing the impact the company has on the environment.